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Trimble 4D Lite

Trimble 4D Lite


Analyse. Manage. Control.

Trimble 4D Lite is a cloud-based application that is designed with an interface familiar to existing Trimble monitoring technology users. T4D Lite is designed for surveyors, engineers and scientists to perform campaign monitoring of data/time series without the need to integrate directly with onsite hardware and sensors. Trimble 4D Lite can be used to meet campaign monitoring needs of installations on dams, bridges, mines, landslides, buildings and other natural and man-made hazards or structures using sensors to monitor health. Data can be integrated from a wide range of sensors. The data can be visualized and analyzed on a variety of interactive charts and scatter plots and the sensors can be viewed in context with the structure using a variety of backdrops including maps, plans or photographs.

Available Industries

  • Bridge
  • Dams
  • Mines
  • Buildings
  • Utilities
  • Tunneling
  • Environmental


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