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Hydroland Solution 12/B, R.K Mission Road, Dhaka-1203





  • A series of new display chip, screen and font have been applied to 442UT. Measurement values are displayed clearer and with bigger size. The display performance under low light conditions also is better than before. A new central processor unit (CPU) has been used in 442UT, the instrument calculates faster and the battery consumption is lower than before.
  • The built-in memory storage space has been improved from 4MB to 12MB, which can store 96,000 points.
  • Trigger Key and standard USB port have been added to 442UT.
  • Battery compartment is with new design and easier to handle.

How could we lift the ranging capability to a new level of 1000/1500m? The three key factors are “Dual-light Source Distance Measuring technology”, optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio, a more stable objective lens system. Every hard-working surveyor deserves a higher precision than before.

Four innovations have been realized in our newly designed optical system to achieve this goal: “Focal Length Compensation Mirror”, “Fully sealed emitting laser circuit”, “Less reflectors in optical part”, “the 4th Generation EDM CPU”.

Various of surveying programs onboard allow surveyors to complete their tasks directly in the field: angle offset, angle repetition, dual-distance offset, coordinate measurement, REM, MLM, Staking out, area calculation, Road Design, etc.


  • 1000/ 1500m Reflector less Range
  • Trigger Key Fast Measurement
  • New Screen More Clear and Bright View
  • Bluetooth Communication with external device
  • New Screen Display, Brings You a Clearer Vision
  • Five New Improvements in 2021, to Level Up Your Productivity
  • Practical Survey Program
  • Compatible with Field Genius


Measuring Range
1P 5.0km
3P 8-10 km
Non prism 1000m (1500m optional)
Digital Display Maximum: 99999999.9999 Minimum: 0.1mm
Accuracy With prism: 2mm+2ppm, without prism 3mm+2ppm
Measuring Time Tracking 0.1s, Fine 0.3s (optimal)
Atmospheric Correction Automatic Correction by Inputting Parameter
Prism Constant Automatic Correction by Inputting Parameter
Angle Measurement
Measurement Method Absolute  Encoding
Diameter of The Raster Disk 79mm
Minimum Reading 1/ 5Optional
Accuracy 2
Detection Method Horizontal: Four Sensors Vertical: Four Sensors
Image Erect


Effective Aperture 45mm (DTM 50mm)
Magnification 30 X
Field of View 1°30
Resolving Power 3
Minimum Focus 1m
System Dual axis liquid-electric
Working Range ±3
Resolving Power 1
Sensitivity of Vials
Plate Vial 30/2mm
Circular Vial 8/2mm
Laser Plummet Yes
Data Storage and Communication
Internal Memory 12MB (up to 100,000 points)
External Memory USB Flash Disk (up to 256 GB)
Communication Port USB, Bluetooth
Type Dual sides, 6 lines, black and white
Power Supply Rechargeable battery (3100mAH)
Voltage 7.4V DC
Operation Time 10 hours
Dimension and Weight
Dimension 160mm×150mm×330mm
Weight 5.7 kg
Environmental Specification
Dust/Water  (IEC60529) IP66
Working Temperature Range -20~50
Humidity 95%, non-condensing



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