About Us

HYDROLAND SOLUTION was founded in January 2010 as a proprietorship concern with a view to contribute in the field survey and positioning, hydrographic, oceanographic and geophysical instrumentation. Hydroland Solution has diversified its activities to several sectors over time including advanced instrumentation and software to the Mapping, GIS, Surveying, Hydrographic, Oceanographic and Construction industries etc.

Today, Hydroland Solution is a recognized and lauded leader in the solutions that we provide and we’ve spearheaded the technologies that drive the country forward. Hydroland Solution market solutions, which consistently offer value in terms of price and quality. With a team of over 10 dedicated professionals having extensive experience, Hydroland Solution is committed to working effectively to provide unparalleled after-sales support and services to our clients.


To be an active partner in the development of the country by promoting state of the art technology with a commitment to achieve excellence.


To provide service to our clients and value for money & the foundation for building the infrastructure of Bangladesh towards High-Income-Country.


To establish a culture of honesty, integrity and respect for customers and business partners, while providing unparalleled support and services.


Since the qualities of products are vital to our customers’ success, and also a key determinant of our own success, we are committed to quality in all aspects of our activities. Hydroland Solution’s commitment to the highest standards of quality service is best demonstrated, guidelines provide a comprehensive model for proper quality management system, which significantly improves our business. Hydroland Solution , we are dedicated to move even beyond the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards, in pursuit of continual improvement of our overall performance and efficiency.


Our policy is not just to offer our customers with products but also to provide them with the technical support. We have our own training centre, a basic service centre for quick diagnosis and a state of the art service centre. Our technical team can also be contacted round the clock. Hydroland Solution  has a team of highly skilled engineers, consultants and experts for helping in integrating products. Technical expertise backed with tremendous enthusiasm and spirit of improvement has enabled us to handle complex engineering problems.


We always been steadfast in ensuring that its strategic plans are consistent with the highest standards of corporate behavior. The company abides by a ‘Code of Business Principles’ and the management ensures that it is communicated to, understood and observed by every single employee. Hydroland Solution  believes that this reputation is an asset, just as real as its people and brand.